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Occupational Therapy

 Andrea Lyons is  an  Occupational Therapist with  over  20 years  experience  in both public and private sectors.  She  has  worked  with a variety of conditions, including Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke, Palliative Care, Brain  Tunour,  Orthopaedic and Dementia,

Andi will  provide a  holistic assessment in an individual’s home environment focusing on a person’s physical, environmental, psychological, social,  and emotional  needs in order to find out what difficulties a person may be having as a result of an illness, ageing, or accident.  These difficulties may include activities of daily living, such as  personal care, domestic tasks, leisure and work commitments.  

Andi  can offer advice on equipment and adaptations, such as toileting aids, bathing/showering aids, bed/chair raisers, grab rails etc as some people may struggle to get in/out of bed, on/off the  toilet, getting in/out of the  bath, washing and dressing, using the stairs and accessing the garden safely. This can help a person become more independent and prevent falls which are associated with unnecessary hospital admissions.

Andi  can  also  offer advice on memory strategies following functional assessments, fatigue management, routine planning and energy conservation to help reduce anxiety and promote feelings of control which are  all important to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle.  

She will also work closely with family and carers so that they feel supported and can manage their caring responsibilities and provide them with information on other resources available. 

Andi  maintains  strong  links with  colleagues who work for the local authorities, external healthcare teams, charitable organisations and retail/technician services.

Her  service provides a  high  level  of  professional excellence  and  integrity and  aims  to deliver a seamless, timely service so that an individual’s personalised needs are being met without delay.

Andi  is  avaibale  to  visit  patients  in  their  homes  in  the  Guildford area.  

For further enquires or to book an appointment please contact:

Andrea Lyons

Mobile: 07739798695